Supporting the Temple

There are many ways to support Temple Beth-El in addition to membership dues. Check out our DONATION WISH LIST for some ideas.  In addition here is a list of funds to which contributions support specific purposes:

GENERAL OPERATING FUND  Your unrestricted gifts to the General Operating Fund help Temple Beth-El wherever the current need is greatest. (Also added to the General Operating Fund are contributions that commemorate an event or honor an individual, prayer book dedications, and purchases of memorial plaques.)      

75TH ANNIVERSARY ENDOWMENT FUND Established to help ensure TBE's long-term financial stability. Five percent of this fund's total market value is added annually to the synagogue's General Operating Fund.

RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND Directed by our spiritual leader this fund supports causes and activities deemed to be valuable, but for which no other funds have been allocated.

EDUCATION DISCRETIONARY FUND Directed by Rabbi Miriam Hyman, this fund supports scholarships, causes and activities relating to our Education programs, but for which no other funds have been allocated.

DR. SAMUEL G. SIMON SCHOLARSHIP FUND Assists member families to finance their children's' travel to Israel, tuition at Jewish summer camps and participation in USY-sponsored summer programs. The fund provides each Temple Beth-El bar/bat mitzvah with a $500 gift certificate redeemable for travel to Israel.  

RABBI ERWIN ZIMET MEMORIAL INSTITUTE TRUST Rabbi Zimet (z"l) served as Temple Beth-El's spiritual leader from 1946 to 1989. Overseen by The Rabbi Erwin Zimet Institute Memorial Committee the funds help underwrite social, cultural, and educational undertakings that perpetuate the values and goals to which Rabbi Zimet devoted his life. 

SHERMAN FAMILY FUND  The largest of several restricted funds dedicated to promoting Jewish adult education within the Temple Beth-El community.

WILLIAM & SADIE EFFRON SPEAKERS FUND Sponsors an annual lecture series.

DR. MARK ECKSTEIN FUND  Finances visits by guest lecturers. Speakers are selected based on their ability to address issues pertaining to Jewish identity.

SYLVIA & ARTHUR LEVINSOHN FUND  Five percent of the year-end market value supports the synagogue's General Operating Fund annually, part of which is used by our Education Director to provide books to every bar and bat mitzvah.

DIANE TINKELMAN FUND  Distributions from this fund are restricted to underwriting class field trips for fifth and sixth grade students.

NEUSTADT FUND  Scholarships awarded to member families to defray the cost of their children's' tuition at United Synagogue sponsored summer camps.

GOTTDEINER FUND  Awarded to deserving Temple Beth-El high school and college students to assist in financing their educations.

MISCELLANEOUS EDUCATION FUND  Provides support for a broad range of education-related programming at Temple Beth-El.

DR. JACK & KARIN FEIN CHANUKAH DINNER FUND  Underwrites the Annual Chanukah dinner.

TORAH REPAIRS FUND  Finances repairs and general maintenance of these precious scrolls.

HIRSDANSKY FUND  Provides an annual award to the religious school student who is determined to have made the greatest progress or who has otherwise provided exceptional contributions within the classroom setting.

HERMAN FUND  Used for teacher training for the religious school staff.

SPITZ TORAH FUND  To pay for future maintenance and repair of the Spitz Torah.

MYRA & STEPHEN HORWITZ FUND  Used to design, construct and maintain the beautiful meditation garden adjacent to the synagogue.

EFFRON JUNIOR CHOIR FUND  Used for the TBE Youth Choir.

HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL LIBRARY FUND Used to acquire library books related to the Holocaust and certain other Jewish topics.

ABRAHAM TINKELMAN FUND  Used to purchase supplies and music for the synagogue's choir.