B'nai Mitzvah

A bar or bat mitzvah is the public recognition that a boy or girl has become a responsible adult member of the Jewish community. Bar/bat mitzvah students undergo rigorous training that includes acquiring the skills to lead parts of the Friday night and Saturday morning services, study of each other’s torah portions, and the importance of performing mitzvoth.  Bar and bat mitzvah students are trained through hands on learning, participation in the Saturday morning service and in our Tuesday Ivrit program, and one-on-one tutoring.  The bar/bat mitzvah class learns the importance of doing mitzvah by joining our youth group and our social action committee in their tikkun olam [world repair] projects around the community.   The ceremony is part of a regular service of the congregation. The bar or bat mitzvah is an event for the Temple Beth-El congregation as well as the family. The entire congregation looks forward to sharing the joy as our children become young adults.

There are also opportunities for adults who wish to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvahs as well as for those celebrating the anniversary of their bar or bat mitzvah.


B'nai Mitzvah Class

Temple Beth-El Etiquette Information

We are delighted when families celebrating happy occasions invite friends and family to Temple Beth-El.  We would also like everybody who joins us for worship to feel comfortable in a house of prayer.  If you have a simcha coming up, you may wish to communicate to your guests our appreciation for their consideration in dressing appropriately for a religious event.  That does not necessarily mean fancy or formal clothing, but it does mean we would like our guests to wear clothing which is not so informal as to be immodest.  In general, that means long pants and covered shoulders.  Shirts which do not cover the midriff and similar clothing should not be worn in synagogue.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the chairperson of the Ritual Committee.

- Rabbi Miriam

•Cell phones, pagers, iPods and all other electronic devices must be turned OFF while in the Temple building.
•Photography and videotaping are NOT permitted at Temple Beth-El  on Shabbat.  This includes the entire building and outside of the building.
•All males must wear a Kippah (headcovering) while in the building.  This is optional for women.  Women are required to wear a headcovering when ascending to the Bimah.
•It is customary for Jewish men to wear a Tallit (prayer shawl) in the sanctuary during morning services.  All Jewish men ascending to the Bimah are required to wear a Tallit.  Jewish women are encouraged and permitted to wear a Tallit.
•Non-Jewish men must wear a Kippah, but should not wear a Tallit.
•Smoking is not permitted in the building (including the restrooms) or anywhere on the Temple grounds.
•Writing is not permitted in the Temple on Shabbat.