2019-2020 TBE Membership Dues

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Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our sacred community.

Temple Beth-El strives to provide a range of meaningful services and programs aimed at meeting the needs and interests of our diverse families and community. It is through your commitment, continued membership, and contribution that these things are made possible.

For the upcoming year, we plan to continue these services and programs including our high-quality religious/Hebrew school and related activities. With the help and participation of our members, we hope to expand our offerings in the year ahead.

Your prompt payment of dues and any additional support you can provide will allow us to build on the progress we have made and continue our growth towards advancing our Jewish values and ideals: chesed (loving kindness), tzedakah (charity), tikkum olam (healing the world).

This year you will notice an increase in dues of approximately 2.5%. This is being done so that we may continue to provide the services that you have come to expect and depend upon. In addition, there is a Security Assessment Fee to cover expenses related to enhanced security
measures. These measures have been taken to enable us to have a safe space to worship and learn. As in the past, we offer two discount options. (See table below for details.)

The statement you received  was prepared by our Director of Operations & Programs, Susan Canning, and is based on actual dollar amounts established for your particular dues category, as well as school fees for members with school-age children. We offer monthly or quarterly
options, and automatic payment via credit card if needed. Please contact Susan to arrange a payment plan or with any questions.

Thank you for your support of Temple Beth-El and your prompt response to this notice.

Donna Gordon, President


Mitzvah Circle members voluntarily add a 30% premium to their base dues.
Your generosity in subscribing at this level helps us assist those unable to afford TBE’s regular membership rates.


1.) Discount for Early Payment (see table below)

Pay your annual dues and associated fees IN FULL before the end of August, and save 2 – 21⁄2% (see table). It’s that simple. The synagogue gets prompt working capital; you get a discount.

2.) Discount for Cash (see table below)

Pay your annual dues and associated fees IN FULL before the end of December by CASH, CHECK, or tradable SECURITIES, rather than by credit card, and save (2 -21⁄2%). TBE avoids transaction fees, you benefit!

The above discounts may be combined! Pay TBE dues in full by August 31 using cash, check, or securities, and claim both discounts.

Optional Discounts and Mitzvah Circle

Amount listed on the
enclosed statement as
“DUES 2019-2020”
Amount to subtract
for EITHER qualifying
Amount to subtract for
BOTH qualifying
Please consider adding
From $100 to $229 $3 $6 $60
From $230 to $349 $6 $12 $90
From $350 to $499 $9 $18 $120
From $500 to $749 $16 $32 $210
From $750 to $899 $18 $36 $250
From $900 to $959 $21 $42 $280
From $960 to $1199 $22 $44 $300
From $1200 to $1299 $28 $56 $368
From $1300 to $1399 $30 $60 $410
From $1400 to $1749 $31 $62 $450
From $1750 to $1900 $42 $84 $550

* If your current financial situation makes it difficult or impossible for you to pay your dues, Temple Beth-El is ready to assist. To confidentially request a form, email info@tbeny.org with your request. Mail the completed form to “Dues Assistance” c/o Temple Beth-El. Additionally, forms may always be obtained from the Temple Beth-El office.