Snacks and Tzedakah


Please help us teach your child the important Jewish value of tzedakah [righteous giving] by having them bring in coins to put in their classroom tzedakah box every Sunday.  Students in grades 3-7 are welcome to bring tzedakah as well.  Please do not bring tzedakah on Friday nights or Saturday mornings,  as we do not handle money on Shabbat.


On Sunday morning the religious school will provide a kosher-dairy, healthy, nut-free snack for your children.  We will make an effort to have snacks available that all of our students can eat.  Just in case, if your child has food sensitivities or allergies please send a healthy, kosher-dairy, nut-free snack with them.  We have students in our school with severe allergies.  For this reason any snacks brought to school MUST be nut free.

On Tuesdays we will be providing a hardy pasta snack for all students and will also have a snack cart for purchasing snacks (proceeds go towards school programming). Alternately, you are welcome to send a healthy, kosher-dairy, nut-free snack to school with your child.

Wednesday evenings Gesher will begin with dinner prepared by our dedicated volunteers.  If you are able to help with cooking, please let the office know.

When we have school on Saturdays in January and February and on Fridays in May we will provide a light snack in the middle of the class session.  We will then conclude with a school-wide kids’ Kiddush where all are invited to attend.  

If your children have special dietary needs please be in touch with us so we can make sure that there are treats for everyone.


Approved Kosher Snacks:

All food that enters Temple Beth-El must be kosher and nut-free.

NOTE: We have several students extremely allergic to nuts!

All fruits and vegetables are fine to bring in for snack.  Some examples of acceptable products are:  Pirates Booty, Lay’s potato chips, Tostitos Tortilla Chips.  Snacks other than fruits and vegetables must have an approved kosher symbol.  See guidelines for package symbols below.  If you have questions feel free to ask your child’s teacher or get in touch with Rabbi Miriam Hyman.

We have several acceptable Kosher symbols allowed.  The ones specifically NOT allowed are:

“Generic K”

“Tablet K”

For a list of other acceptable symbols, please click the link below.