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Passover celebrates the importance of Jewish peoplehood. On Passover, we are commanded to make sure that every Jew will be able to observe the holiday properly. It has been a long-standing custom in Jewish communal life to collect special funds for this purpose. This fund is called Maot Hittim, literally “money for wheat.” This is a long-standing custom of our community; any funds collected will be given to the needy, for Pesach needs and for other donations to the poor. Please make check payable to Temple Beth-El with Passover Appeal in the memo.

TBE prides itself on being an inclusive, welcoming community. If you or someone you know would like to be invited to a Passover seder, or if you have seats at your Seder table, please or email [email protected].

The Torah instructs us that during Passover, no Jew may own hametz: storing it away while it technically remains your property is not sufficient. The Rabbis recognized that many people would suffer great economic loss if they destroyed all the hametz in their possession; so, they proposed the idea of allowing it to be stored away in the house while its ownership rights are sold to a non-Jew, who would “own” it until after the holiday.
The sale of hametz is a legal contract on the part of buyer and seller. As with any legal action, it is entrusted only to someone trained and certified as an expert, in this case, an expert in halacha-Jewish law. The Rabbi acts as an agent with the power of attorney. There are two ways to empower the Rabbi to act as a representative: One way is to sign the form below and send it to the Rabbi; the other is to meet with the Rabbi on a weekday and do the transaction personally. Please note that the hametz is sold for the entire eight days of Passover and will not be owned by you again until about an hour after the end of Pesach. This form is for a sale which will be in effect from several hours before sunset on Thursday, March 29th until Saturday night, April 7th.

Shtar Mechira/Sale of Hametz Form

I________________________________________________ fully empower Rabbi Daniel Victor to act in my stead and to sell on my behalf all hametz possessed by me knowingly and unknowingly as defined by the Torah and halacha and to lease all places where hametz in my possession may be found. Rabbi Victor has the full authority and right to sell and lease as he deems fit and proper. Rabbi Victor has the full power to sell, lease, and appoint others to act in his stead as he sees fit. The power given above conforms with the laws of this country and the laws and customs of the Jewish people.

To this I affix my signature on this _________________ day of the month of _______________ in the year 2018/5778.

NAME_________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________

Places in the home where Hametz is stored: _________________________________________________________________