Rabbi’s Blog Aug 8, 2018: This weekend is Rosh Hodesh Elul with Rabbi Greene – It is all about LOVE

Dear friends,

There is an often quoted tradition that the letters of the Hebrew month of Elul are an acronym for Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li – I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

The month of Elul is a time for introspection; a time to examine our relationships.  This time is about our relationship with ourselves, each other, the world, and our creator.

I just saw the Fred Rogers documentary {Won’t you be my neighbor) and there it was revealed that for most of his adult life Rogers kept his weight at 143 pounds (he was an avid swimmer).   Why 143?  I, has one letter.  L-o-v-e, has four letters.  Y-o-u, has three letters.  – I know it is corny, but the man was genuine and he practiced what he preached.

Each time he would stand on the scale he received the message “I love you.”

Rosh Hodesh Elul falls this weekend, along with it comes our Shabbat guest: Rabbi James Greene, our third High Holiday clergy person.

Our weekend plans:

Friday night, a instrumentally enhanced service beginning at 8:00pm.

Listen here for some of the tunes Rabbi Greene, Rabbi Miriam, and I will be bringing to the service.


Saturday morning our three-headed clergy machine will be leading services beginning at 9:00am with coffee and doughnuts at our boker tov café.  One of several chances to catch a few minutes with our sacred guest.  During the sermon slot, Rabbi Greene and I will discuss (and maybe debate) some finer points of our new High Holiday Machzor.

Saturday evening from 5-9pm, come by my house and hang with Rabbi Greene and members of the community for another schmooze and games evening.  39 Hagan Drive Poughkeepsie.  Bring a favorite, fruit, veggie, drink (alcoholic or not) crackers and dip, or dessert.

Sunday morning we will have a Rosh Hodesh morning program at Vassar Farms off of Hooker Ave beginning at 8:30am.  Rabbi Greene will be leading the program which will feature some traditional prayer pieces as well as a walk on some of the farm trails.  There will be a Rosh Hodesh brunch (food) to wrap things up at the end.

Note: Unfortunately we could not obtain a golf cart for this program, so please be aware the ground is a bit uneven and there is no assistance for those with mobility challenges.  We apologize for this turn of events.  There will be people to assist, if such aid would be helpful.

This is a great chance to begin getting to know our new High Holiday clergy person (he really wants to meet everyone) as well as a time to launch our personal and communal journeys through the process of teshuvah.  Remember, it all begins with love.  Love helps us remember, it helps us be vulnerable, and it helps open us up to the process of growth and change.

In peace and……love,

Reb Victor

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